Cold Moxibustion

Cold Moxibustion is a therapy form based on Chinese healing methods and part of the Traditional Chinese Medicine. When conducting cold moxibustion, herbal poweder will be fixed on accupunture points with plaster which will strengthen the flow of blood and Qi through the body. When we apply cold moxibustion on the hottest days in the Lunar Calendar, we can achieve the best effect of expelling the “Evil Qi” from the body. This can effectively improve health issues related to nasal allergy, cough, asthma, cold, stomachache, dysmenorrhea, should/neck/back pain syndromes, etc.

The dates for Cold Moxibustion 2019 Summer:
1st treatment: 2019-7-12 (Fri)
2nd treatment: 2019-7-22 (Mon)
3rd treatment: 2019-8-11 (Sun)

A course of treatment includes 3 cold moxibustions. Total cost is $500.
Reduced price for senior citizens (over 60yrs old) is $400.

About the Practitioner: Ivy Ma is an alumnus of the Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine (Bachelor) and Hong Kong University (Master – Acupuncture and Moxibustion). Ivy is a trained and registered Chinese Medicine Practitioner with a focus on acupuncture and pain relief.

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